2017 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show Tips

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58th Annual Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show Tips A Strong Economy and Great Weather Conditions Look to Make the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show One of the Busiest in Recent Years. The Fort Lauderdale International Boat starts on Wednesday, November 1st and ends on Sunday, November 5th, 2017. Coming into its 58th year, the Sun-Sentinel reports this year should be one of the best in recent years and should have an economic impact as high as the SuperBowl due to a healthy economy and beautiful weather conditions. This year’s show will feature more than 1,600 boats and 1,400 exhibitors from around the world. Guests visiting can see everything from fishing boats and superyachts to electronics and marine accessories. Before you head out to the show, be sure to check out our tips below. Boat Show Tips Parking is expensive. Take alternative transportation like the Fort Lauderdale Water Taxi from the Riverfront Marina or UBER to the Las Olas bridge and walk to the event. Protect your body: Wsunblocklock, comfortable shoes, and light clothing. Bring cash for food, drinks, and sweet deals on vendor products. Walk around the docks and ask to tour boats. If you are looking to purchase a boat, secure a bank loan before attending and have 15%-20% for a down payment. Make a plan on what you want to see, as the event space is massive. No animals allowed, except for service animals, and Party Animals! Make new friends. There are many industry experts and characters of all types to meet. Purchase tickets online and use a discount voucher from Bennett Auto Supply. Have Fun! Important Boat Show Links Purchase Tickets Discount Ticket Voucher Fort Lauderdale Water...

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Boat Safety Tips for Labor Day

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10 Boat Safety Tips to Help You Keep Safe on the Water this Labor Day Weekend Happy Labor Day from everyone at Riverfront Marina! Established by the Labor Movement in 1894, Labor Day is one of the most time-honored traditions in America celebrating the contributions we’ve made to the strength, prosperity, and well being of our country. As boaters and party-goers from around the world flock to Fort Lauderdale for the last major holiday before the fall, we would like to remind you of a few safety tips as you plan to head out on the water for Labor Day Weekend in Miami, Florida. Top 10 Boating Tips for Labor Day 1. Don’t Drink and Operate a Boat: In 2016, alcohol use was the top reason why fatal boating accidents occur in America according to the US Coast Guard’s annual report. Operator inattention, operator inexperience, improper lookout, excessive speed, and machinery failure rank as the top five primary contributing factors in accidents. 2. Always Have Life Jackets: Everyone on board should be wearing a life jacket while the boat is in operation. 80% of fatal boating accident victims drowned. Of those drowning victims with reported life jacket usage, 83% were not wearing a life jacket. Make sure that you have an appropriately sized life jacket for every person on board. 3. Communicate Emergency Plan: Communicate your plan with the people on your boat and at least one person on shore in case something should go wrong. Also, it is recommended to inform the persons on shore when you will be departing and arriving back at the dock and to call to confirm your safe voyage. 4. Don’t Break the Rules: Boater education courses can help you understand laws, navigation rules, emergency situations, and other useful tips. The top five contributing factors in boating accidents include operator inattention, operator inexperience, improper lookout, excessive speed, and machinery failure. 5. Use the Kill-Switch: Many accidents involve boaters who fall overboard without having been clipped to the engine kill switch. This important piece of equipment can help protect you by stopping the engines should you get ejected overboard. 6. Follow the Weather: Check weather conditions often and be aware of storm warnings before you head out on the water. In Miami, the weather can change drastically within minutes.  Be prepared for sun or storm. 7. Wear Sunscreen: The Florida Sun is brutal. Be sure to bring a minimum of a 50 proof sunscreen and apply every few hours to avoid sunburn. It is also recommended to wear a hat, sunglasses, and cover up when in direct sunlight for extended periods of time. If you should get burned, Tylenol and Aloe Vera gel can help alleviate the pain. 8. Drink Water: Sun poisoning is not something we made up to scare the snowbirds. Make sure to drink plenty of water and to stay shaded to avoid becoming dehydrated when on the water for extended periods of time.  Especially when indulging in alcohol, do not forget to hydrate! 9. Avoid the Propellers. Many accidents involve non-boaters near the engine propellers. Be sure the area is clear when starting and stopping the boat engines. There were 171 accidents in 2016 which a propeller struck at least one person. Collectively, these accidents resulted in 24 deaths and 175 injuries. 10. Be Courteous: Realize that you are sharing the water with other people so please make sure to be courteous to other boats. Wave, keep your music at a low roar when anchored/beached next to someone, and make sure to leave with everything you came with (take your garbage with...

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2017 Lobster Season Guide

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2017 Lobster Season Guide Everything you need to know about the Lobster Season in Fort Lauderdale, Florida Riverfront Marina welcomes the 2017-18 Lobster Season. The Mini Season in Fort Lauderdale, Florida is the last consecutive Wednesday and Thursday of July each year. For 2017, the Lobster Mini Season will begin at 12:01 am on Wednesday, July 26th and ends at midnight on Thursday. The regular 8-month lobster season will start August 6th and runs through March 31, 2018. Before you head out on the water review our tips below to ensure a safe and successful hunt! KNOW YOUR LIMITS During the mini-season, recreational divers and snorkelers can take a maximum of twelve lobsters per person per day in Broward and Miami Dade Counties except for Biscayne National Park. In the primary season, one can take a maximum of 6 lobsters per person per day. See the official Lobster Season rules SIZE MATTERS It is important to remember the Carapace or body of the lobster excluding the tail should be larger than 3″, measured in the water.  One should carry a measuring device at all times to avoid fines as possession limits are strictly enforced on and off the water. BUY A LICENSE OR GET FINED You must have a recreational saltwater fishing license and a spiny lobster permit to participate in Lobster Season. To acquire these items, one can easily pick them up from a local Publix Supermarket or online at FINAL TIPS FOR LOBSTER SEASON Schedule your boat launch in advance Get out on the water early to hit your limit Bring friends for safety Get Scuba Certified Rent a boat trailer and head to the Keys Have...

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Hurricane Season Tips Boat Owners Must See

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Hurricane Season Boat Preparation Tips 2017 With the start of hurricane season in Fort Lauderdale on June 1st, there is no better time than now to prepare your boat to weather the storm. Hurricane Season in Fort Lauderdale officially started June first and runs through November 30th. Last year was the most active season since 2012, with four major hurricanes including Hurricane Mathew that caused destruction along the Northeast coast of Florida.  For the 2017 Hurricane Season, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) predict an active year, with up nine hurricanes. No matter how many storms we see this season; it only takes one to cause major destruction to your vessel. We are especially reminded of this as we mark the 25th anniversary of Hurricane Andrew on August 24th.  With the 2017 Hurricane Season here, there’s no better time than now to prepare your boat to make sure it is ready to withstand a major storm. Hurricane Season Boat Preparation Tips The first step in preparing for a hurricane is to create a hurricane plan. When formulating a hurricane plan, you must always keep in mind that “life comes before property”.  At North Beach Marina, we strongly encourage that you heed all evacuation notices issued by your local county emergency management office regardless of the vulnerability of your boat. REVIEW BOAT INSURANCE It is wise to make sure that you have all of your boat documents in an easily accessible location and that the insurance is up to date. Also, to help with insurance claims, take photos and video of your boat before and after to show proof of damages.  Dry Boat Storage Tips REMOVE BOAT FROM THE WATER If you have a smaller boat, somewhere under 35’ feet, it is safest for the boat (and for your mental well-being) to get it out of the water completely. Whether the boat is on a trailer, next to your house, or at a dry storage marina, the boats that are stored dry typically see less damage than those left in the water during a hurricane. REMOVE COVER If you leave the boat outside during a storm it is best to leave the cover off of the boat, especially if it is expensive or custom-made. The cover on the boat will collect rainwater and strain the cover, tearing it in the process. If the cover comes loose during a storm, it will fall victim to the wind, and more than likely get ruined. Your boat was made to get wet, so let it, leave it uncovered during a storm. REMOVE NONWATERPROOF ITEMS We recommend that you take anything off the boat that’s not supposed to get wet, or that is light enough to fly away in a heavy wind. This includes (but is not limited to) cushions, dock lines, flags, Bimini tops, and GPS/radios. Make sure to secure anything else that cannot be removed from the boat. SEAL OPENINGS Seal all openings on the boat to keep it watertight (hatches, cabinets, doors, etc.). To help keep things secure during a storm, use duct tape for an easy remedy. REMOVE DRAIN PLUGS If you are storing your boat on dry land, remove the drain plugs out of your boat can be a good idea. If the boat fills up with water, the added weight can negatively affect the way it sits on your trailer or dry-rack. Marinas typically keep the drain plugs out, however, if your boat is on a trailer, it’s a good practice to keep the drain plug out. Just remember to put the plug back in before using...

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Special Rates Available for Boat Storage

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Summer Boat Storage Special 2017 Special summer rates available for new customers on covered boat storage in Fort Lauderdale, Florida For a limited time only and while space is available, new customers can receive special summer rates on covered boat storage at our marina in Fort Lauderdale along the New River. Just-in-time for the 2017 Hurricane Season (June 1 – November 30), we offer clean, safe, and affordable boat storage for vessels of all sizes. Contact us today for rates....

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New River Train Bridge Closing for Repairs

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The New River Train Bridge will close temporarily February 11-23 Affecting All Boat Travel The train bridge located a few feet from our docks along the Fort Lauderdale New River will temporally close at approximately 12:01 a.m., Saturday, Feb. 11, through 12:01 a.m., Thursday, Feb. 23 affecting all boat travel. The schedule close is needed for enhancements to accommodate the new, All Aboard Florida train that can take passengers from Fort Lauderdale to Orlando in 3 hours. With the bridge closed for almost two weeks, there will be no access for our customers and all other boaters to make it through the New River from either side of the bridge. Please share the news with your friend’s and fellow boaters. Should you have any questions on how this can affect you, please contact our Marina at 954-527-1829. With the bridge closure causing many issues for the entire boating community in Fort Lauderdale, we have some recommendations that can help you get through this downtime. Take the West Route To avoid becoming stuck on either side of the train bridge, we recommend using the west route leaving our marina along the south fork of the New River and up through the Dania Canal, which lets you out in Harbor Town, just south of the Port. It’s a slow ride, up to 3 hours to access the intercostal, due to the zero wake zones. Although it’s a longer trip, the sites of the lush mangroves and winding canal are beautiful. It’s a perfect way to enjoy some sun while knocking back a few cold ones with friends. When you exit the river, you will be let out near Jimbo’s Sand Bar, a local favorite in Hollywood and highly recommended by our staff. Attend the 2017 Miami Boat Show The 2017 Progressive® Insurance Miami International Boat Show has moved from the Miami Beach Convention Center to Miami Marine Stadium Park & Basin on Virginia Beach Key. The event takes place over President’s Day Weekend, Thursday, February 16 through- Monday the 20th. Admission is $25 for adults and kids 15, and younger are free. Learn more at: Rent a Boat Trailer & Head South Our sister company Happy Trailer Rentals offers low-cost boat trailer’s for rent in Fort Lauderdale making it easy to transport your boat to the Keys for the weekend without the burden of owning a trailer. They have an extensive inventory of Jet Ski and fishing boat trailers for rent by the day or week- at the best prices in town. Learn more at: Perform Boat Maintenance & Repairs If you choose not to take your boat out during this time, we strongly recommend using the down time to perform routine maintenance and inspections. From a simple oil change to hull cleaning, we can help ensure your boat is performing at it’s best in 2017. To schedule your boat maintenance, contact Bud at Boat Tech 954-527-1829....

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